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New Insurance Policies That Can Significantly Reduce Premiums

Don’t Pay Your Car Insurance Bill Until You Find Out More

By Francis Wolcott

Your insurance company may not want you to know about this!

A few months back, 68-year-old Rhode Islander Ginny Ruthe desperately needed to cut down her monthly expenses as her husband had been injured from an unfortunate fall, broke his leg, and was recovering at home.

She sought out the help of a dear friend who just happened to be a former accountant at a big firm. After reviewing her monthly bills, Ginny’s accountant-friend pointed out that despite almost never using her car, she was paying triple what he was for car insurance.

His advice was simple – take action and stop wasting money!

Ginny typically let her husband Bob deal with the finances, but with Bob flat on his back, she was forced to take matters into her own hands.

Most seniors don’t know about new policies that significantly reduce premiums and cost insurance companies millions.

With a bit of research, Ginny found The Zebra, and after entering her zip code, was shocked to see how much cheaper the quotes were compared to her local agent.

“I Reduced My Premiums by 64%, Something I Never Thought Would Be Possible. It’s Just Too Bad I Didn’t Do It Sooner!” — Ginny

Requirements to Qualify

You may be eligible for big savings if you meet 2 of the following criteria:


Qualified Zip Code
Over 50 years old
Currently Insured
Drive Less Than 70 Miles Day
Clean Record

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By using The Zebra, the industry leader in auto insurance comparisons, you will find pros and cons, plan specifics, and ratings for 30 auto insurance companies. You can compare and find the best rates in your area from companies that comply with new government rules and regulations.

The bottom line is – You Should NEVER Buy Car Insurance Without Comparing Rates Of Companies that Follow Up-to-Date Insurance Rules and Regulations

Being experts in comparisons, we tested this service and after entering our zip code and answering a few questions, we were delighted with the result, see below –


OLD RATE – $897

NEW RATE – $378





Think your current insurance is too expensive? Don’t worry, you’re allowed to cancel your car insurance policy at any time.




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