Customer approval: 96%

  • Apply 100% online for term life insurance
  • Excellent online and phone support
  • Backed by MassMutual
  • Rated one of TrustPilot’s Top Insurance Companies (9.6/10)

Haven Life


Haven Life Insurance Agency offers potential customers one of the shortest applications and the fastest approval processes among competitors. Up to $3 million in term life insurance coverage can be secured immediately for many applicants, and may not require a medical exam, depending on the information provided in your life insurance application.

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About the Company

Founded by Yaron Ben-Zvi in 2015, Haven Life is a digital life insurance agency that strives to provide term life insurance at competitive rates through an online application portal. Due to their use of technology in the underwriting process, they can offer an instant decision on coverage. Certain applicants don’t need to take a medical exam, based on the information provided in the application process.

Haven Life uses advanced technology for automated decisions on applications. They analyze the applicant’s health and personal information, producing a decision in an average of just 40 seconds.

In terms of financial stability, Haven Life is owned by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual). MassMutual has spent 24 years on the Fortune 500 List of largest companies in the United States. In 2016, MassMutual paid $5 billion in combined annuity and insurance benefits. They also have an A++ rating from A.M.

Show me life insurance rates from Haven Life today

Pros/Cons of buying insurance from Haven Life


  • Pros
  • Fast, 100% online application process
  • Friendly customer support via phone and chat
  • Instant decision and digital issue of insurance policy for most applicants
  • Cons
  • Only offers term life, so it’s not a good option for people looking for other types of life insurance
  • Applicants won’t know for sure if they must undergo a medical exam until they complete the online application
Policy Options and Pricing

Haven Life Insurance offers only term life insurance policies with a face value of between $100,000 and $3 million. The rates are heavily dependent upon the applicant’s age and health status. Haven Life Insurance, like other term life insurance companies, relies on the information provided by the applicant during the onboarding process to determine rates.

Show me life insurance rates from Haven Life today

Here’s a sampling of what a $500,000 20-year term life insurance policy would cost at various ages for men and women in excellent health:

GenderAgeMonthly rate ($500k term)
Male20 $22.05
Male30 $22.48


*Source: Quotes from Haven Life website at the time of publishing.

Application Process and Experience

Applicants must be residents of the United States between the ages of 18 and 64, not currently in the process of enlisting or serving in the military, not planning to replace another policy with a policy from Haven Life, and not planning to use the policy for business reasons.

The application process involves answering questions via an online portal. At any point, customers can call for support or initiate a live chat.

Besides your basic information, and policy amount, you will be asked health status questions. For example, whether immediate family have been diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, Huntington’s Disease, Marfan Syndrome, or Lynch Syndrome. Answering “yes” triggers a prompt for a few more details about the family member, the age when they were diagnosed, and whether they are still alive.

Further questions include current height and weight and whether the applicant consumes alcohol or uses tobacco, past disability benefits or workers’ compensation, a history of high blood pressure or high cholesterol within the past ten years, and any history of diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, heart disease, hospitalization for any reason other than childbirth, and illegal drug use. Applicants who have been hospitalized or have a family history of certain diseases and disorders may be asked about the details of the event or condition.

Other application questions are about plans for travel outside of the United States and future participation in certain statistically high-risk activities such as hang gliding, scuba diving, and big game hunting.

Once the questionnaire is completed, most applicants receive an offer (depending on your answers). The system is also likely to conduct identity verification, prescription medication checks, and pull motor vehicle records.

Some applicants will conclude the process online. However, in certain cases, Haven Life may require you to take a free 20-minute health exam at a time/place that is convenient to you. If no exam is needed, a rate for the term and face value of the insurance is presented instantly. The applicant can even eSign and initiate the policy.

Show me life insurance rates from Haven Life today


At the time this article was published, Haven Life had a Trustpilot score of 9.4/10 based on 625 consumer reviews. Of the reviewers, 86% said their experience with Haven Life was “excellent.” Even reviewers who had to undergo a medical exam to qualify said the process was quick and easy. Several reviewers noted that they had their policies issued within just two weeks. This is positive feedback considering that some insurance companies take six weeks to issue a policy if there’s a health exam required.

Haven Life was recently recognized by Celent as a Model Insurer for leading the industry in Data, Analytics, and AI. They received special accolades for their work in shortening and simplifying the term life insurance application process and for accelerated underwriting.

Final Thoughts

Haven Life  is an award-winning modern life insurance agency. They have financial strength with the backing of MassMutual and a technological advantage allowing them to quickly process applications. That being said, they only provide term life insurance. As long as that is what you are looking for, Haven Life is a great option for a quick, simple, online experience in securing life insurance.

Show me life insurance rates from Haven Life today