Customer approval: 96%

  • Unique, data-driven company that leverages the proven benefits of healthy lifestyle to provide low-cost insurance coverage to their customers
  • Offers an easy, online qualification process that combines current health, health literacy and lifestyle factors – often resulting in substantial premium savings
  • Partnerships with multiple insurance carriers
  • Company is a licensed insurance agent in all 50 states
  • Recognized as the nation’s fastest growing insurance organization
  • Rated one of TrustPilot’s Top Insurance Companies (9.6/10)


Our Partner


Health IQ


Founded in 2013, Health IQ is a customer-driven company with a mission to protect and reward consumers who enjoy living healthy lifestyles.  The company offers a range of competitively priced life, disability and health insurance products designed to deliver reduced premiums to health conscious people who have lower mortality rates than the average population.  As a result, Health IQ is an ideal life insurance company for people like runners, cyclists, or those who are active, healthy eaters and take care of their bodies. The company has developed partnerships with some of the strongest, most experienced insurance carriers in the country to provide customized policies to people seeking the strength and security of a well-capitalized organization to protect the financial needs of their loved ones.

About the Company

Health IQ is a customer-centric organization that is fully committed to providing health conscious and active consumers with a variety of insurance products to meet their unique needs.  Since the inception of the company, Health IQ has recognized that people who work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle should be rewarded with lower rates for insurance products.

By using scientific data and proprietary research, the company has validated that health conscience people have lower mortality rates and represent a lower risk than the average population.  These findings can be passed along to policy holders in the form of lower insurance costs.

While most insurers only evaluate a customer’s current health, Health IQ evaluates their lifestyle and health literacy.  A streamlined qualification process leads prospective customers to a telephonic personalized consultation with an insurance professional.  Within minutes, the agent compares policies and prices to offer a customized price quote for the amount and duration of coverage requested.  

Unlike many insurance brokers, Health IQ offers both term and whole life insurance.  With a term policy, customers can determine how much coverage they need and select a specific period of time for their policy (e.g. 10 to 30 years).  With whole life insurance, customers choose their desired coverage amount and insurance will be provided for their entire lifetime. Both types of life insurance policies provide a guaranty that premiums will never change over the course of the policy.  

Health IQ recognizes that every customer has unique needs and deserves to be treated with the upmost respect as they evaluate options for life insurance.  By avoiding unnecessary paperwork and leveraging customers’ health conscientiousness, the company minimizes costs and passes those savings on to their customers.

By partnering with some of the country’s strongest, most experienced insurance carriers, Health IQ is able to provide customers with the highest degree of safety and security.  Since its inception, Health IQ has earned the trust and respect of thousands of customers and, since 2016, has been awarded the highest rating (A+) by the Better Business Bureau.

Pros/Cons of buying insurance from Healthiq

Life Insurance consumers are typically evaluated based on their current health status, with little regard for their level of activity, eating habits or lifestyle. Health IQ addresses these issues with a simple, online process for obtaining a policy quote and follows through with a streamlined underwriting process designed to differentiate health conscious applicants from the general population.

  • Pros
  • A new way to gain easy access to life, disability and health insurance with quotes available in minutes

  • Customized policies to meet the unique needs of customers, with lower rates for health conscious customers

  • Licensed in all 50 states to provide a wide range of insurance products, including term and whole-life policies

  • Policies backed by financially strong carriers with extensive experience and comprehensive claims payment ability

  • No high-pressure salespeople, resulting in lower costs for customers

  • Easy to navigate website provides extensive information and makes the process of obtaining a quote quite easy

  • Cons
  • Online support is limited and live chat is not provided

  • Non-health conscious consumers will not be eligible for healthy living discounts

Policy Options and Pricing

When considering life insurance policies, consumers have a wide variety of options available from Health IQ and are provided with the assurance that premiums will never change and claims will be paid promptly to designated beneficiaries.  Based upon each customer’s unique lifestyle, Health IQ will customize a policy with substantial potential savings over traditional alternatives.

Health IQ provides policy discounts for customers with high levels of health literacy, active lifestyles along with underwriting credits for those meeting their eligibility criteria:

How to Qualify
Savings %
Savings ($) over 30-year
Health Literacy Credits
Active Lifestyle Credits4%$1,238
Underwriting Credits
Total Potential Savings

Sample Pricing for a 60-year old male in very good health

Term Life Insurance Coverage



Application Process and Experience

Health IQ has designed their process to make the entire insurance buying experience simple and straightforward. Customers begin by providing basic information including their age, height and weight.   A Health IQ representative will quickly contact an applicant to provide assistance and support in obtaining coverage and shopping for the best possible pricing. 

The experience is fast, simple and completely confidential.  The application process requires information related to the customer’s level of activity, eating habits and lifestyle in order to be evaluated for discounted insurance rates.  In less than 15 minutes, customers can obtain a quote, apply for coverage and obtain a commitment for an insurance policy that meets their needs. Everything is secure and support is available to help customers with each step of the process.

In addition, the Health IQ website provides customers with an extensive set of resources to support their healthy lifestyle, including tips for eating, exercise, better sleeping and more.


In addition to earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Health IQ has been rated 5 Stars (excellent) by Trustpilot, a leading review platform, with a Top Customer rating of 9.7/10.  The company is recognized as the nation’s fastest growing company for insurance issued and has received an excellent rating for outstanding customer service, positive reputation and policy coverage from customers throughout the country.  Health IQ consistently generates positive feedback for their innovative approach to evaluating active lifestyle, current health and health literacy to offer reduced premium insurance throughout the United States.

Final Thoughts

For many consumers, the process of buying life insurance can be intimidating and confusing.  People often feel that insurers don’t recognize their unique lifestyle or commitment to good health.  Quite often, those seeking insurance have encountered a ‘one size fits all’ approach to policies and premiums.  In addition, high pressured salespeople can create unnecessary stress and costs for a person looking to protect the interests of their loved ones.  Health IQ was created to address these and other challenges associated with the process of obtaining high quality, affordable life insurance.